Sunday, March 18, 2012

Detail drawings...and thinking about how custom items are going to be built....

When thinking about the design details of my facility I tried to think about how different design elements would be constructed.  For example, my reception desk is going to be custom built…so it is important for me to think about what materials I will need in order to construct my reception desk properly…As seen in my previous post my reception desk is designed in the shape of a hexagon formed by wood panels. Each panel gradually tapers out and then back in as you can seen in the sections below…with that said I had to think carefully how I could construct these seemingly floating wood peaces so that they could be held together…I came up with the idea of a welded metal frame which is shown in the small section below.  I also had to think about my desk and how the gradual angel would effect the construction of the actual desk and discovered that the front of the desk would have to have a gradual angel that followed the angel of the wooded planks.  I also explored what it would look like in plan view as well…Through the exploration of my detailed reception drawings I was able to understand better how to construct my desk.

When trying to figure out how I wanted to construct my chemotherapy infusion bays I explored how to design the dividing partitions and how to incorporate ways to make these individual spaces more controllable.  I experimented with how to incorporate a television that folded in and out of the partition walls as well as how to provide controllable lighting.  Below you are able to see some of the ideations come to life.

As I thought about how I wanted to design my chapel area I  came across DIRTT’s wall systems and found a angular wall system that related back to my concept which allowed me to design a space that looked more like a chapel…

When thinking about the smaller details of my space, I remembered that I wanted to design an interesting piece of furniture that would house sanitation wipes throughout the space to help with sanitation of the entire space.  When thinking about how to design a piece that relates back to my concept I thought about the angels and structure of the honeycomb and came up with this design…

When thinking about how to design the signage, I wanted to incorporate the angels that have inspired me throughout the design of my facility.  Below Is an example of a angular piece of back painted glass with a information monitor built in to provide information about the facility and also provide a map of the space…The other two drawings are detailed drawings of signage that will be used throughout the space…In the halls I wanted to design signs that incorporated angles and also allowed a since of layering so that you were able to see all the signs down the hall.  I also though that each sign could relate to the color of the space creating an ease of wayfinding….the wall signage would also embody the angles that are used throughout the space in order to create unity and consistency.

Let me know if you have any suggestions about the details of my space!

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