Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final FF& E Boards

As I began to choose FF&E for my project, I started off by thinking about how I wanted to utilize color as the basis of wayfinding throughout this center based on the location of the space in relation to my flooring selections (AKA color coded path).  I began pulling the colors for each space according to the wayfinding path and incorporating the other colors used in the space as accent colors in order to unify all the spaces.

Starting with the reception and waiting area I used mostly greens and blues which were the two main circulation colors in this area.  Moving on to the cafe area I continued using blues but brought in oranges as an accent color.   
 In my chemotherapy I wanted to use a variety of colors in order to make this space more lively, since the patients would be spending most of their time in this space (reds, blues, greens).  In my boutique area I continued to used blues and greens according to the circulation path.
In my activity room I merged all of the colors together so that this space would act as a central hub to the bottom floor. For the patient rooms, I  decided to select one color a for each room so that each room had a different feel.

As I look back on my FF&E selections I wish I would have made the rooms more distinct according to the colors wayfinding by using fewer colors in each space to help distinguish between spaces. I realized last Monday when I presented my project to Carl Matthews that my material selections all blended together and my renderings all looked the same (color wise). I wish I would have made the spaces more distinct according to my wayfinding path...Carl made me realize that I was letting my flooring do all the work when it came to wayfinding. Overall, I really enjoyed receiving constructive feedback about my project....but I wish I could have heard some of these comments sooner!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally Done!

After several weeks of long sleepless nights I finally finished my senior project...For those of you just tuning in I just finished designing a pediatric oncology center. Here are my final presentation  drawings, renderings and final presentation!! It feels so good to finally be done!! Please leave comments and constructive criticism. :)
First Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Flooring Plan

Ground Floor Flooring Plan





Final Presentation!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Test Renderings In Revit...

After several attempts at rendering in Revit, here is what I came up with so far...I plan to take these images and further enhance them with photoshop...But for now this is what Revit has given me to work with, after hours of trying to change lighting settings and applying materials. Let me know what you think!?

Chemotherapy Rendering
Activity Room Rendering...
Boutique Rendering...
Cafe Rendering...
Reception Desk Rendering...