Sunday, May 6, 2012

Finishing up the semester with some CD's

I cannot believe that its time to graduate!!! This semester the days seemed to drag on but the weeks flew by and now its over!! I am very proud of myself for making it though this semester...I feel like I have accomplished alot with my final project...Now I will be able to show off my skills and hopefully get a job soon...

With that said here are my construction documents and the final touch to my senior project!!! please let me know what you think!! Feedback is encouraged :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final FF& E Boards

As I began to choose FF&E for my project, I started off by thinking about how I wanted to utilize color as the basis of wayfinding throughout this center based on the location of the space in relation to my flooring selections (AKA color coded path).  I began pulling the colors for each space according to the wayfinding path and incorporating the other colors used in the space as accent colors in order to unify all the spaces.

Starting with the reception and waiting area I used mostly greens and blues which were the two main circulation colors in this area.  Moving on to the cafe area I continued using blues but brought in oranges as an accent color.   
 In my chemotherapy I wanted to use a variety of colors in order to make this space more lively, since the patients would be spending most of their time in this space (reds, blues, greens).  In my boutique area I continued to used blues and greens according to the circulation path.
In my activity room I merged all of the colors together so that this space would act as a central hub to the bottom floor. For the patient rooms, I  decided to select one color a for each room so that each room had a different feel.

As I look back on my FF&E selections I wish I would have made the rooms more distinct according to the colors wayfinding by using fewer colors in each space to help distinguish between spaces. I realized last Monday when I presented my project to Carl Matthews that my material selections all blended together and my renderings all looked the same (color wise). I wish I would have made the spaces more distinct according to my wayfinding path...Carl made me realize that I was letting my flooring do all the work when it came to wayfinding. Overall, I really enjoyed receiving constructive feedback about my project....but I wish I could have heard some of these comments sooner!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finally Done!

After several weeks of long sleepless nights I finally finished my senior project...For those of you just tuning in I just finished designing a pediatric oncology center. Here are my final presentation  drawings, renderings and final presentation!! It feels so good to finally be done!! Please leave comments and constructive criticism. :)
First Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Flooring Plan

Ground Floor Flooring Plan





Final Presentation!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Test Renderings In Revit...

After several attempts at rendering in Revit, here is what I came up with so far...I plan to take these images and further enhance them with photoshop...But for now this is what Revit has given me to work with, after hours of trying to change lighting settings and applying materials. Let me know what you think!?

Chemotherapy Rendering
Activity Room Rendering...
Boutique Rendering...
Cafe Rendering...
Reception Desk Rendering...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Detail drawings...and thinking about how custom items are going to be built....

When thinking about the design details of my facility I tried to think about how different design elements would be constructed.  For example, my reception desk is going to be custom built…so it is important for me to think about what materials I will need in order to construct my reception desk properly…As seen in my previous post my reception desk is designed in the shape of a hexagon formed by wood panels. Each panel gradually tapers out and then back in as you can seen in the sections below…with that said I had to think carefully how I could construct these seemingly floating wood peaces so that they could be held together…I came up with the idea of a welded metal frame which is shown in the small section below.  I also had to think about my desk and how the gradual angel would effect the construction of the actual desk and discovered that the front of the desk would have to have a gradual angel that followed the angel of the wooded planks.  I also explored what it would look like in plan view as well…Through the exploration of my detailed reception drawings I was able to understand better how to construct my desk.

When trying to figure out how I wanted to construct my chemotherapy infusion bays I explored how to design the dividing partitions and how to incorporate ways to make these individual spaces more controllable.  I experimented with how to incorporate a television that folded in and out of the partition walls as well as how to provide controllable lighting.  Below you are able to see some of the ideations come to life.

As I thought about how I wanted to design my chapel area I  came across DIRTT’s wall systems and found a angular wall system that related back to my concept which allowed me to design a space that looked more like a chapel…

When thinking about the smaller details of my space, I remembered that I wanted to design an interesting piece of furniture that would house sanitation wipes throughout the space to help with sanitation of the entire space.  When thinking about how to design a piece that relates back to my concept I thought about the angels and structure of the honeycomb and came up with this design…

When thinking about how to design the signage, I wanted to incorporate the angels that have inspired me throughout the design of my facility.  Below Is an example of a angular piece of back painted glass with a information monitor built in to provide information about the facility and also provide a map of the space…The other two drawings are detailed drawings of signage that will be used throughout the space…In the halls I wanted to design signs that incorporated angles and also allowed a since of layering so that you were able to see all the signs down the hall.  I also though that each sign could relate to the color of the space creating an ease of wayfinding….the wall signage would also embody the angles that are used throughout the space in order to create unity and consistency.

Let me know if you have any suggestions about the details of my space!

Monday, March 12, 2012

NEW Arrival!!!...and Chemotherapy Infusion Bays

Revised Arrival and Reception Perspective:

After struggling to find a way to incorporate elements from my previous reception desk throughout my space, I decided to pitch the whole idea as start fresh.  As I began to think about my concept and how I could incorporate the structure of the honey comb into the design of my space, I began to think of how to create a structural embracing element that would draw you into the space.  Below is the design that I came up with let me know what you think...(This is slowly being improved and suggestions are more then welcomed)
Chemotherapy Infusion Bays:

This is the start of the ideation process of my chemotherapy infusion bays...I wanted to design an environment where patients would be able to have complete control of their environment in regards to privacy and comfort. I wanted to also provide an interesting environment that encouraged interaction but still allowed for privacy if needed.

Plan Ideation...
Perspective Ideation...
Section Ideation...

Revit Ideation...

New Inspiration:

Modified Plan...

Modified Revit Perspective...

The hexagon shapes are cubbies that can be accessed from both side offering a unique element while also providing storage for patients and their families...continued work is being done to provide controllable lighting, tv and blanket storage...

All of these are ideation drawings and are still being further developed so if you have any feedback or suggestions that would be great!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Newest Plan...Let me know what you think...

After our outsider critique this past week I was able to receive some good feedback on my plan so far...Here are the modifications I made to my plan (Note: This plan still needs some tweaking let me know your opinion)

Level One Plan: Origional

Level One Plan: Revised

This level contains my public/arrival spaces as well as my chemotherapy treatment pods.  Originally, the separation between my public and private areas were not separated very well. The entry to my private patient rooms were open to public view.  In order to fix this issue I had to switch the location of my private patient rooms and my chemotherapy prep/ pharmacy.  I was also told that I  could get rid of some of my treatment stations and that 15 pods would be enough for the space that is provided.  So, in place of the extra stations I was able to provide single restrooms, a small nurse sub station and a refreshments/seating area... 

Ground Level Plan: Original

Ground Level Plan: Revised

This level consists of exam rooms, imaging, radiation and offices.  Originally I didn't have  my hot lab in the most logical location and I didn't provide radiation injection rooms, which are now in the new plan below my MRI/PET/control room. I also moved the location of my resource room to were parents could have visibility of the activity room in order to supervise their children while they play...

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for improvement of my plan! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Coosing FE&E...and other Inspiration

When trying to decide what color palette I was going to use for my Pediatric Oncology Center, I came across this color palette and though that it encompassed the characteristics of my concept. With my concept being the honeycomb I wanted my color palette to derive from the source of the honeycombs bees of course...but this image reminding me of spring flowers and I plan to uses these colors (with different hues and transparency) along with a light color wood to liven up and bring life to my space!
Let me know what you think? (note: thinking of using a more saturated version of these colors to make it less feminine)

 Love this idea for storage of patient belongings while they are receiving treatment...The white hexagons will be able to be accessed from the other side so that this divider can be used from both sides...
Hoping to use this in my changing area where patients can store their belongings while they are undergoing imaging or radiation how some of the hexagon shapes are open, closed, and illuminated!
Because my chemotherapy area is open I wanted to use some sort of "transparent" barrier so that the patients are receiving some sort of privacy, but they are sill able to be monitored by nurse and other staff members
I wanted to separate my waiting area so that patients and their families felt like the waiting experience  a more intimate  and comforting...I appreciate this dividing element that you are still able to see to the next space...

Above are two options for continuing the overhead detailing of my reception desk (in previous blog post) I am wanting to use something thing similar and also incorporate wayfinding by adding color and extending slats down creating wayfinding signs as you go down main corridors... 

Some seating options for chemotherapy treatment...I like the idea of a chair and ottoman which can be used as a footrest for the patient or possibly a place for someone to sit...Also fond of the adjustable head  pillow in the orange and green chairs...The red womb chair is an option for a smaller child...I was having a hard time finding treatment chair for smaller children..If you have any suggestions please let me know...looking for one that reclines...

Please feel free to post your opinion on these ideas...your opinon is encouraged and appriciated