Sunday, March 4, 2012

Newest Plan...Let me know what you think...

After our outsider critique this past week I was able to receive some good feedback on my plan so far...Here are the modifications I made to my plan (Note: This plan still needs some tweaking let me know your opinion)

Level One Plan: Origional

Level One Plan: Revised

This level contains my public/arrival spaces as well as my chemotherapy treatment pods.  Originally, the separation between my public and private areas were not separated very well. The entry to my private patient rooms were open to public view.  In order to fix this issue I had to switch the location of my private patient rooms and my chemotherapy prep/ pharmacy.  I was also told that I  could get rid of some of my treatment stations and that 15 pods would be enough for the space that is provided.  So, in place of the extra stations I was able to provide single restrooms, a small nurse sub station and a refreshments/seating area... 

Ground Level Plan: Original

Ground Level Plan: Revised

This level consists of exam rooms, imaging, radiation and offices.  Originally I didn't have  my hot lab in the most logical location and I didn't provide radiation injection rooms, which are now in the new plan below my MRI/PET/control room. I also moved the location of my resource room to were parents could have visibility of the activity room in order to supervise their children while they play...

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for improvement of my plan! :)

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