Friday, February 10, 2012

Parti for my Pediatric Oncology Center:
I wanted my parti to relate back to my concept in some way so I decided to modify the shape of a hexagon in order to create a functional circulation path. With this parti in mind the next step is to create several block plans that implement the circulation of the parti.

A=Arrival Space
D=Districts (offices,exam rooms) 
C=Centers (more unique spaces such as chemotherapy area and activity space)
N=Node (point of intersection where one has to decide were to go next)


The next few images are examples of block plans were I was able to organize the location of the spaces with keeping the square footage in mind.  As I began to lay out my spaces I found it difficult to keep the circulation from my parti.  I was running into spaces that needed to be square or rectangular interfering with the diagonal of the circulation on my lower floor.  I was also running into creating wasted space that I needed to utilize in order to fit everything that I needed in my space.

I am still in the process of modifying and finalizing my final plan so if you have any constructive criticism about the plans that you see below please let me know.  But, keep in mind that these block plans are considered process work and by no means are they finalized so feel free to give me your feed back it would be much appreciated! (I believe you can click on the image to make them bigger if needed)

                                              First Floor                             Ground Floor



  1. Ash- your ideation looks awesome! I love the 4th plan- I think it looks very navigable and reflects your concept the most! Im excited to see your final plan!

  2. I never would have thought to associate the medical profession to a honeycomb. I think it is a fresh and very realistic approach to design. Although most medical facilities are approaching design with a contemporary mindsite, I would be very careful how that is perceived in pediatric eyes. Sometimes a very modern look sometimes can have a very clinic/hospital feel to the patient and the family.