Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Herman Miller...One of the 100 Most Admired Companies in the World!

For my professional practice class we were suppose to research a specific field that someone with an interior design degree could peruse.  We were then to present it to the class in order to show the many different avenues a designer can take. My topic was on manufacturing companies.  Herman Miller was one of the companies that I talked about and was the company that I was most interested in because of their companies beliefs and mission statements.  I loved that they are transparent company who cares about creating a product that fit their user.  They are not afraid to take some risks in order to produce the highest quality product possible.  Having this mind set was beneficial to their company considering they are ONE out of a HUNDRED most admired companies in the WORLD!

Here is a video about their company...Enjoy!


  1. Would you consider working for Herman Miller?

  2. YES! I love their belief statement and I think that it would be a great enviroment to learn about another aspect of the design process